Why you need a Personal Organization System

Why you need a Personal Organization System

The need for Personal Organization becomes clear once you start feeling overwhelmed. It may happen for many reasons:

  • Your data is all over the place, and you don’t know where to store or retrieve information/data

  • You use many online services and don’t know what is where

  • You lose “stuff” regularly

  • You forget a lot

  • Your mailbox is a mess

  • Your file system is a mess

  • Your cloud storage is a mess

  • Your desktop is a mess

  • Your house is a mess

  • Your mind is a mess

  • You juggle between many tasks and don’t feel you’re making progress

  • You’re often late for meetings, assignments or projects

  • You forget too many things

  • You have no clear plans

  • You do make plans, but never find the motivation to act

  • You don’t know what to do next

  • You procrastinate a lot

  • You never have time for yourself

  • You read a ton of non-fiction, but it doesn't help you

If you’re feeling lost or overwhelmed for any of the above reasons, it means that you’re in trouble, and you clearly need to organize yourself. You need a system to stop feeling overwhelmed, avoid wasting time, and be more productive.

When you’re disorganized, it is unfortunately much easier to lose information/data. Either because you just can’t find it back, or because you don’t have backups and/or disaster recovery plans in place. And it’s really hard to be truly productive without a clear mind, clear goals and plans, and a systematic approach to making meaningful progress.

As Knowledge Workers, having a solid Personal Organization System is a MUST.

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