Hi there 👋

About me...

I’m Sébastien Dubois, a thirty-something Belgian author, CTO, geek, parent, gamer.

I write quite a lot on Medium and I was crazy enough to write a book about the wonderful TypeScript programming language.

I've also started writing a new book called "Dev Concepts", which will help many understand the big picture and how to become software crafters / full-stack developers: https://dev-concepts.dev

I’m an IT guy at heart and am very passionate about: software development/design/architecture, the open web, free and open-source software.. but I also have other passions such as photography, board games, piano, and errr… well many other things that I don’t have time for ;-)

I'm also the owner of a Belgian IT consultancy firm called DeveloPassion.

You can find me on:

If you wish to contact me directly, you’re probably going to prefer to drop me a mail: seb at dsebastien.net.

Looking for sponsors

I love Open Source and have been contributing for many years now. I wish to continue, but without funding, it's hard to keep going. So if you like what I'm doing and want to support me, then take a look at my Github sponsors page.


My PGP key fingerprint is: 9AEC 7595 2F0F 8E52 65A8 4364 6448 ABB4 AEAD 81A2

You can find my public PGP key here: https://dsebastien.net/pgp/dsebastien-pgp-key.asc